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About Us

About Verma Jivram Associates
About Us

Verma Jivram & Associates is a private legal practice firm. the Firm has six (6) lawyers with excellent academic and professional qualifications. all the Partners and Advocates hold vital hands-on-experience in legal practice having worked with reputable law firms in Uganda. these are supported by well-trained support staff with solid professional experience that adhere to the Firm’s mission of providing our clients with timely, high quality, result-oriented and efficient legal services.

Why opt for Us

We submit that the overall objective of the proposal is to provide a wide range of legal services to your company. We are suitable for the job and undertake to abide by the Company’s Code of Ethical Conduct during the provision of our services and execution of any duties that may be assigned to us.

There will be tangible benefits including a clear difference in performance of segments across the whole of the Companies’ portfolio.

Our tailored approach is far better than the commonly used ‘one size fits all’ approach;

Our staff and partners have hands-on-experience in legal matters likely to affect your companies.

Range of services

We have the capacity to represent your company best interests in legal matters;

We have the capacity to provide legal services relating to Domestic and International Syndicated Loan Agreements, Negotiation of Bank Loans, Asset Securitization such as debentures, mortgages – and a lot more in this field

We have specialized experience in the provision of corporate and commercial services to local and international businesses. We can prepare documents and negotiate sophisticated commercial transactions such as;

We are able to represent our Clients’ best interests in major civil litigation. We have the capacity to litigate a wide range of matters.

Client Care

It is the policy of the firm to investigate complaints and expression of dissatisfaction fully and promptly. If you have a complaint relating to the implementation of your instructions, you raise this in the first instance with the person dealing with the matter and if you are dissatisfied with his or her response, you should raise the matter with the managing partner.

Firm Policy

At Verma Jivram & Associates the practice of the law is driven by our principles and ethics.

In line with our policy, we will carry out the Client’s tasks and responsibilities with all due diligence, skill, efficiency and economy and in accordance with generally accepted professional techniques and practices and shall, as much as practicable, ensure that the provisions of the laws of Uganda are not violated. We will handle each assignment on a strict confidentiality basis.

We will not only represent the Client’s interests; we will deliver advice and expertise that ensures its success.